• Austin Halak, District 1
  • Kami LaRuck, District 1
  • Andrew Delluise, District 2
  • Kaite Ivall, District 2
  • Galleo Swilt, District 3
  • Electriss Walner, District 3
  • Danny Cresta, District 4
  • Leanne Ryhmes, District 4
  • Storm Blaze, District 5
  • Dawn Stone, District 5
  • Crisanto Hawkes, District 6
  • Linaria Barlow, District 5
  • Alec Lawrence, District 7
  • Paige Bennett, District 7
  • Reid Collins, District 8
  • Sara Carroll, District 8
  • Echo Stone, District 9
  • Sapphire Rolland, District 9
  • Pender Walows, District 10
  • Kasel Vorinn, District 10
  • Kei Green, District 11
  • Lily Hawthorne, District 11
  • Razen Fray, District 12
  • Opal Harrows, District 12

District 1: Austin Halak, Kami LaRuck
District 2: Andrew Delluise, Katie Ivall
District 3: Galleo Swilt, Electriss Walner
District 4: Danny Cresta, Leanne Rhymes
District 5: Storm Blaze, Dawn Stone
District 6: Crisanto Hawkes, Linaria Barlow
District 7: Alec Lawrence, Paige Bennett
District 8: Reid Collins, Sara Carroll
District 9: Echo Stone, Sapphire Rolland
District 10: Pender Walows, Kasel Vorrin
District 11: Kei Greene, Lily Hawthorne
District 12: Razen Fray, Opal Harrows


Day 1

The twenty four tributes look around the environment. In front of them, an icy blue lake, to their right and behind them a long beach, and to their left a dense woods. The sixty seconds is up and all the tributes rush out, and the Careers to the Cornucopia. Pender immediately grabs an ax, and doesn't hesitate to hurl it into Razen's chest, killing him. Next, all the Careers make it to the Cornucopia and Lily targets the agressive pack and lets an arrow fly, entering Katie's body and killing her. Echo runs to the crossbows, but Kami clubs him in the head, crushing his skull and killing him. More and more deaths occur, and the final death count is eight. Storm and Dawn make an alliance, as well do Crisanto and Linaria. The Careers this year are Austin, Andrew, Danny, Leanne, Reid, and Sara. They are all deadly, and not to be messed with. Most tributes head to the woods, but some go to the beach. Galleo, Paige, Pender, Kei, and Lily all decide not to make an alliance. The new Head Gamemaker, Mazus Pattroni, has some awfully evil plans for the tributes...

Day 2

Pender and Galleo, both on different sides of the arena, receive rifles from sponsors. They are both thankful, but only have $300 dollars each left for sponsor gifts. No other tributes have been sponsored. Kei has been searching frantically for Lily, because he promised Rose (Lily's older sibling) that he would look out for her, but he never made it because he is spotted by two of the six Careers, Sara and Reid, and Sara lets an arrow into Kei's throat. He drowns in his blood. Meanwhile, Crisanto and Linaria are hunting strange creatures that resemble walruses with deer legs that are very ugly looking (they call them "Waldeer"), and they easily take down six waldeers. Head Gamemaker Mazus Pattroni orders his two assistants to start a blazing fire that will bring all the tributes together. It works, and in total six of the fifteen alive tributes are burnt; Storm, Dawn, Austin, Andrew, Paige, and Sappire. They are all in need of some burn ointment, and many of these tributes are limping, meaning if they were caught by another tribute they would have little chance of escape. Crisanto and Linaria are cornered by the Careers, and Andrew throws an ax that lodges into Linaria's skull, instantly killing her. Broken-hearted, Crisanto sinks down to his knees in despair and Danny easily kills him. Thirteen tributes remain alive.

Day 3
The Careers find the waldeer and easily take down all that they can find, when the ones they didn't shoot begin to run away, as if startled. But they have no fear of humans, so the Careers are puzzled on what could have startled them like that. Meanwhile, every single tribute gets their sponsor gifts, and Austin gets a vial of poison that was labeled POISON, but was smudged so it looks like "son". Wondering what this means, Austin drinks the poison and collapses. The remaining Careers, Andrew, Danny, Leanne, Reid, and Sara find out why the waldeer were getting startled. A huge, artificial hurricane comes tumbling into their path, and Leanne, Andrew, and Sara are killed by this enormous hurricane. The only survivors, Danny and Reid, are both pretty messed up (injured) though. Head Gamemaker Mazus Pattroni laughs when he sees Sara's neck being broken when she is slammed into a tree, and when Leanne and Andrew are thrown far a way into the forest and dying when thrown against the ground. Danny and Reid decide that they will migrate to the beach, where most of the other tributes are. The Capitol is satisfied that there was 4 deaths today, and decide to let everything die down a little in the arena.

Day 4
Nine tributes remain, and the hurricane has seized. The Careers are still devastated that they lost four of their troops in one day (Austin, Andrew, Leanne, and Sara). Danny and Reid find Paige, she squeaks and begins to run but Reid throws a knife that lodges into her back, and she falls down, but not dead. After they discover Paige's cannon has not fired, they go back to the spot and discover she has vanished! In reality, she was taken by Galleo and being nursed back to health in a tiny cave in the forest similar to the one Katniss and Peeta shared. Storm and Dawn are doing pretty well, and Sapphire is still being as stealthy as Foxface, even taking her idea of stealing a little food from the Careers once in a while. Head Gamemaker Mazus Pattroni decides to let some tracker jackers into the arena, all programmed that the first human being they see destroyed their nest. Their target becomes Storm and Dawn, and the tracker jackers sting them multiple times until they find the lake and jump in, but it's already clear that Dawn will not make it. So, to end her misery, he stabs her in the chest and she mutters "thank you". Pender spies on Storm and the corpse of Dawn at the lake, and discovers on the other side Lily is swimming. To get her attention, he decides to throw a rock at her which actually hits her on the head. After they become allied, they get a good kick out of the rock incident. Only Dawn's picture appears in the sky that night, and the interviews will be up soon.

Day 5

Alliances: Galleo and Paige, Danny and Reid, Pender and Lily. Sapphire and Storm don't have any alliances. It's been days since Andrew, Austin, Leanne, and Sara's deaths so Head Gamemaker Mazus Pattroni decides to spice things up.
“A feast!” declares Mazus, on the announcement. “Everything you need there! A glorious feast, roast lamb, roast groosling, scrumptious potatoes. Who’s hungry? But for those of you dismissing this invitation, there will also be medicine and weapons at the Cornucopia. Think carefully about your decision.” Reid and Danny immediately wish to go, since they have barely gotten any sponsor gifts together. Actually, every single tribute wants to go. So, once every tribute is in the area of the Cornucopia, people begin to dart into the dangerous area. First is Lily, who dashes to the Cornucopia, grabs some purple pills and a groosling neck, and is about to dash off again when a bullet finds it’s way into her skull. She drops dead. Next Galleo and Paige rush to the Cornucopia, they each grab the whole groosling and some weapons, when Sapphire lets an arrow pierce Paige’s heart. Galleo sprints away. Sapphire grabs what she needs then sprints off. And then there were six.
Sapphire, the last girl alive, makes a home in a tree that night. The temperature drops dramatically that night, and Danny decides now might be a good time to make a major move in the game. He and Reid are trying to fish in the lake when Danny kicks his partner in, and holds his head under water. Reid drowns, and Danny is victorious. Only four tributes to kill, thinks Danny.

Day 6

Danny, the lone Career, is happily running the lake. No one dares go there but him. He took all of Reid’s belongings, food, and water. Including all of the other dead Career’s stuff. The other four tributes are shock when the creek and ponds all dry up. That means they must go to the lake. None of the tributes at all have alliances, so it will definitely be interesting. Sapphire loads her bow and arrow, and prepares for the long journey to the lake. Galleo, Storm, and Pender also prepare to go to the lake. The first to arrive is Galleo, who bends over and begins to drink the lake water, completely unaware that Danny is behind him. Danny fires his rifle, and Galleo is dead with a single bullet wound to his head. Sapphire, quick on her feet, goes to the other side of the lake, grabs her canteen, fills her canteen up, and dashes off before Danny knows what’s happening. Storm and Pender arrive at the same time, and Pender grabs his rifle and shoots Storm in the face. He catches sight of a braid of blond hair swaying in the forest and knows Sapphire has been here, and he could have killed her. It appears Danny is chasing after Sapphire in the forest. The final three is Pender, Danny, and Sapphire.

Sapphire collapses onto the ground, breathing heavily. Danny managed to shoot her in the arm, and she’s afraid she’ll bleed very badly. She grabs some moss and places it on the wound, and begins to cry softly. She thinks of her mother, who isn’t a very good hunter and might starve if she dies.
“Hey you!” shouts Danny.
He’s caught up to her. She didn’t want to kill anyone, but this time it seems necessary. She loads her arrow, and is about to fire it when another bullet enters her higher thigh. She screams, but still holds onto the bow and lets the arrow enter Danny’s skull. He falls to the ground, and the hovercraft soon picks him up. Only the District 10 boy left, thinks Sapphire as she dashes in the direction of where she thinks she saw Pender last.


Pender is not scared of Sapphire. He has bullets, she has arrows. At that moment, a parachute falls from the sky and lands in Sapphire’s hands. It’s a loaded rifle, and Sapphire says “Thank you, District 9! Thank you, Mom!” and begins to search for Pender once more. She spots him, in the Cornucopia. She aims her rifle and pulls the trigger. She aimed a little too low, because the bullet missed Pender and hit the Cornucopia instead, which rebounded and hit a nearby tree. Of course, this got Pender’s attention who pulled out his rifle and fired at Sapphire, who ducked before Pender pulled the trigger and he missed. She moves in closer and Pender jumps out of the Cornucopia, and a bullet hits Sapphire’s hip. She swears a very bad curse at him, and in that process she drops her rifle, and hides behind a bush. Pender smiles, and creeps up to her behind the bush with a smile, but then screams “NO!” when he realizes she still has her bow and arrow. She smiles, and lets the arrow go onto his eye, and through his brain, killing him. The hovercraft then pulls up, taking Pender’s body and Sapphire back to the Capitol for her final interview and recap of the 49th Hunger Games. Comgratulations to Purplexmuffin, for her creation of Sapphire, and thank you to everyone else for helping me create these games. It’s fantastic writing them!


24 - Razen Fray (killed by Pender Walows)
23 - Katie Ivall (killed by Lily Hawthorne)
22 - Echo Stone (killed by Kami LaRuck)
21 - Kasel Vorrin (killed by Leanne Rhymes)
20 - Opal Harrows (killed by Andrew Halak)
19 - Electriss Walner (killed by Crisanto Hawkes)
18 - Alec Lawrence (killed by Storm Blaze)
17 - Kami LaRuck (killed by Storm Blaze)
16 - Kei Greene (killed by Sara Carroll)
15 - Larinia Barlow (killed by Andrew Halak)
14 - Crisanto Hawkes (killed by Danny Cresta)
13 - Austin Halak (poisoned)
12 - Sara Carroll (killed by the hurricane)
11 - Andrew Delluise (killed by the hurricane)
10 - Leanne Rhymes (killed by the hurricane)
9 - Dawn Stone (killed by Storm Blaze)
8 - Lily Hawthorne (killed by Danny Cresta)
7 - Paige Bennett (killed by Sapphire Rolland)
6 - Reid Collins (killed by Danny Cresta)
5 - Galleo Swilt (killed by Danny Cresta)
4 - Storm Blaze (killed by Pender Walows)
3 - Danny Cresta (killed by Sapphire Rolland)
2 - Pender Walows (killed by Sapphire Rolland)
1 - Sapphire Rolland (alive, and Victor of the 49th Hunger Games)

Victory Tour

District 12

The first District Sapphire was sent to was District 12, because they always start with the least desirable District. District 12's two tributes were killed in the bloodbath on the first day, so Sapphire didn't say much, only:
"I'm sorry for your losses. I never knew Razen or Opal, but I can guess that they were very good people. So forgive me, and the people that killed them even though they're dead."

District 11

Sapphire went to District 11 next, and since she knew so little tributes, she barely knew Lily or Kei.
"I am so sorry that for your losses, as well. I myself did not know Kei--or even Lily who made it to the final eight. I know neither of them can come back and for that I'm sorry."

District 10

District 10 was especially difficult for Sapphire, because this was Pender's District. She killed him. She sent an arrow into his skull.
"I never knew Kasel, since she died in the bloodbath, but I did know Pender, because I took his life. I know I can never bring him back to you, and if I had died in the arena he would be here now. I am truly sorry, and you must know I would have never done that if it was real life." Despite this, Pender's family yelled horrible things at her. Sapphire left crying.

District 9

Sapphire's own District, District 9, was particularly hard, but not as hard as District 10 was.
"I am so glad I won, people of District 9, even though Echo died. I'll never forget Echo. He was a very big part of my life. I'll never forget him."

District 8

District 8, Sara and Reid's District, and Sapphire was unprepared for words. She barely knew them.
"People of District 8, I am... not that sad that Sara and Reid are dead. They were fools for joining the Careers," said Sapphire bravely. "I am not afraid to say that. Careers are horrible people, and betraying the loyalty of your District was an unwise choice!" shouted Sapphire. She waited for the reaction of the audience. They booed very loudly, and threw objects at her like tomatoes, rocks, and other large objects. The Peacekeepers came in, and shot very many people. A large object hit Sapphire on the head, and she became unconsious.

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