Inside the gymnasium of the Training Center, there are many different stations where tributes are able to learn skills that may help them survive in the Hunger Games arena. These can range from the usage of specific weapons and tools, to more innocuous skills, like setting traps and recognizing unusual sources of food. Each station is staffed by an expert, and assistants are on hand to spar with the tributes if they wish, as they are forbidden to fight each other before the Games officially begin.[1] On the third day of training, each tribute is given a private session with the Gamemakers to show off their strongest skill. Afterwards, they are each given a training score on a scale of 1-12, which may help to attract potential sponsors during the competition.

List of Known Training Stations

Before the training starts, Atala, the Head Trainer, explains the rules to the tributes. She also gives advice, saying not to ignore the survival skills. These are the known stations available for tributes:


Edible plants and insects

Foxface is seen on a touch screen, sorting through a variety of plants. This section is set up as a memory
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Foxface at the training center

game, showing plants that are edible lighting up in yellow, and those that are not lighting up in red. That is the only time it is shown in the movie. In Catching Fire, Katniss sees Woof at the Edible Insects. He is disoriented, and tries to eat poisonous bugs.

The gauntlets

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The Gauntlet

The gauntlets are daunting obstacle courses used in the Training Center. They consist of ascending platforms that rise up to a landing. Tributes must jump from platform to platform to finish in the fastest time possible. To make it even more difficult, trainers swing padded clubs at the tributes. This station is very popular and all the Careers have a go at this first. The station is not very popular to the tributes who are shy, less able, or want to stay inconspicuous. In a deleted scene of the film, the District 3 female fell off the gauntlets and split her lip which caused her to start bleeding. It also caused the Career tributes to laugh at her. The boy from District 3 seemed a bit concerned about her injury, but laughed at her for the sake of his spot in the Career alliance.

Ropes course

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The Ropes Course

The ropes course consists of a large rope net that stretches across the ceiling of the gym. Only the very nimble can leap around up there. It is not as popular as some of the fighting techniques, but in the film the Careers think it is important because they line up to try it and laugh at Peeta when he falls from the ropes. Rue uses it to hide after having nabbed Cato's knife when he was not looking. The District 8 boy also fell off the ropes.


Clove was seen at this station in the 74th Hunger Games, hitting dummies in their hearts. In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Gloss and his sister, Cashmere, were throwing knives at the holographic targets.


When Peeta saw Rue for the first time, Katniss was busy watching Cato "send a spear through a dummy's

Brutus throwing spears at the spear throwing section.

heart from 15 yards". When Peeta threw the medicine ball for the first time, he threw it at the spears and knocked them all over the floor.


When Katniss and Peeta are at the camouflage station, Peeta admits to Katniss that he does the cakes in the
180px-Peeta arm camouflage-1-

Peeta at the camouflage station

bakery windows, which Primrose Everdeen adored. In the 75th Hunger Games, the Morphlings are "attached to the station".

Fire-making station

In The Hunger Games film the District 3 male and the District 9 male were

Beetee, Wiress, and Katniss at the Fire making station

seen making a fire and backing away when it ignited. In Catching Fire, Wiress and Beetee Latier were seen "struggling to start a decent fire with matches".


Finnick Odair gave Katniss a trident lesson here in exchange for an archery lesson in Catching Fire.


Katniss trained in the archery center in Catching Fire, impressing the other tributes and gaining many possible

Glimmer at the archery station.

allies. She also gave an archery lesson to Finnick here. In the movie, Mags is given a lesson by Katniss, instead. 


In Catching Fire, Katniss tried to "make friends" with Cashmere and Gloss here, but none of them wanted to make a three-way-alliance.

Fish hooks


Mags at the Fish hook section.

Mags is seen making fish hooks in the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


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