"There's an old man who keeps a small herd of goats on the other side of the Seam. I don't know his real name; everyone just calls him the Goat Man."
Katniss Everdeen on the Goat Man[src]
The Goat Man is a man who lives in the Seam in District 12 and owns a herd of goats. He is described as being a filthy and impatient old man. He has a hacking cough from years of working in the mines and probably smoking, and his joints are swollen and are twisted at an irregular angle. He is said to be lucky to have saved up enough to afford his goats. The Goat Man sold Lady to Katniss, a goat that she gives to Prim for her birthday. He was going to sell Lady to the town butcher, Rooba, but instead sells her to Katniss for a low price after Rooba breaks her deal to buy Lady in order for Katniss to have her.


The Goat Man never actually directly speaks in the books at the time they were set, but he is mentioned several times. He is mentioned in Catching Fire when Katniss comes home from hunting and the Peacekeepers are there. They ask where she has been. She tells them she was doing errands which involved going to the Goat Man so that she could ask him a question for Prim. This question was if he could borrow Prim one of his billy goats as a mate for Prim's goat, Lady.

The Goat Man is never mentioned in Mockingjay, so it is assumed that he died in the bombing of District 12, as many other members of District 12 did.

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