Regular snow, one ingredient for snowcoat.

"We thought we'd try with a snow coat first"
Mrs. Everdeen, while treating Gale Hawthrone[src]
Snowcoat is a mixture of snow and numbing agents. It is not recognized as a real "medicine", but it uses medicine to reduce pain. Snowcoat is not widely used, mainly because it can only be used seasonally, when snow is available. It is often complimented for having "the chill of snow, but the feeling of relief".


Snowcoat is made in a bowl, and looks like a bunch of snow but with a slight light green tint, which is caused by the second ingredient in snowcoat, the herbal juice. It gives off a clean and sweet smell.


Snowcoat can treat lacerations and swelling, reducing the pain of hurt flesh and skin. Even though it's not a real medicine, it is more convenient with cheaper ingredients.

When treating a patient with snowcoat, the clothes or bandages on the wounded areas are removed before the treatment. Then a clean piece of cloth is laid upon the skin and then the mixture is spread out on the cloth. The patient's pain, as described by Katniss Everdeen, "sizzles away". 

In The Hunger Games trilogy

In Catching Fire, Gale Hawthorne was treated with snowcoat when he was whipped over forty times by Romulus Thread after he was caught with the spoils of his hunting load.[src] Katniss Everdeen was also treated with snowcoat after she was whipped attempting to defend Gale. 

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