SJ-7 Peacekeeper Assault Transport

The SJ-7 Peacekeeper Assault Transport is an armored military vehicle in service of Panem's Peacekeepers. It is the only ground armored vehicle used by the Peacekeepers, and it's main function is, as the name suggests, transportation. The vehicle's windows are equipped with 70mm Bulletproof glass, and its armor can hold against high caliber small arms fire and explosives up to K5 rating. The V-Hull design can protect passengers from detonations even if a detonation occurs beneath the vehicle. The vehicle's "Granthom 12" liquid cooled engine's trainpower can generate up to 827 horse-brake power, and its suspensions allow the vehicle to transport and deploy assets in any kind of environment.




Capitol TV - District voices: Transporting Our Heroes with District 6

Capitol TV - On The Road In District 6

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