Katniss snow crown

The right to execute President Snow was a key part of the Mockingjay Deal.

The Mockingjay Deal was a deal struck between Katniss Everdeen and President Alma Coin along with the other leaders of District 13 during the second rebellion. The term "Mockingjay Deal" was coined by an unknown rebel. According to the terms of the deal, Katniss would be the figurehead of the rebellion as "the Mockingjay" and go along with the rebels' plans for her in exchange for:

The Mockingjay Deal was mostly carried out, with one significant exception. Katniss assassinated Coin during the public execution of Snow (who died seconds later of an unknown cause) for war crimes against the innocent. President Paylor was instated and the war tribunal tried Katniss for the assassination before finally acquitting her on grounds of insanity and Gale and Beetee testify in their involvement of the fire bombs in Snows mansion where Katniss's younger sister, Primrose was killed, which was why she killed Coin instead of Snow. The trial along with the insanity-aquittal and Gale and Beetee's testimony were surprising decisions, since earlier regimes would simply have ordered her executed, but Katniss was released and her reputation as a hero to Panem was reclaimed.

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