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Egeria was the Capitol's Minister of Interior, and one of President Snow's Presidential Cabinet members. She is often seen alongside her associate, Antonius, throughout the film adaptation of Mockingjay.

In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, Egeria is shown to have prepared the speech Snow gave to the districts, prompting to title the District citizens as "rebels". However, Snow disapproved of her terminology due to its contradiction to his belief that the rebels should not be legitimized, choosing instead to call them "radicals" or "criminals". Egeria is presumably executed or arrested due to her high-ranking position in the Capitol's political system and her being an associate of Snow. She is not mentioned at any time during the book series.

She is later seen with President Snow in his office when the power cuts out as a result of the District 5 dam's destruction.

In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 Egeria is seen multiple times with President Snow. She is present at the cabinet's meal where Antonius dies, and later wakes Snow to ask him if he wants his doctor after she sees blood on his tissue. He tells her that he hopes she hasn't woken him for something so unimportant, at which point she reveals that Katniss Everdeen is still alive. President Coin mentions that Capital Officials will be executed meaning Egeria will die.


Based upon her depiction in Mockingjay--Part 1, Egeria is a sympathetic individual. Immediately after President Snow orders an assault on District 8 for treason, Egeria attempts to sway Snow's decision in order to save its people, only to be reminded that she was the one who put such punishment into order as a result of her speech she had written for him. 

Though Egeria ranks high amongst Captiol officials, it is implied that she is far from entirely agreeing with the Capitol's harsh regime. She only reluctantly agrees so as to save herself from possible execution and torture at the hands of Snow and his merciless associates. 

Given that President Coin intended to execute all high ranking Capitol officials within Snow's ranks, it is likely that Egeria might have met an unfortunate fate for her own involvement with the Capitol. However, these executions were to take place after Snow's execution, which leaves Egeria's status unknown. Her redeeming qualities within her personality, which was frowned upon by President Snow, might have saved her and countless others when Commander Paylor was elected president.