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Concealment is the strategic approach that involves making one's presence less obvious, often by blending in. It is divided into three classifications: camouflage, stealth, and disguise.

Concealment is not limited to merely hiding a person from plain view, as there are times when tributes must also hide other aspects like allies, and possessions like weapons and equipment from their rivals.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Concealment is a rather safe strategy, if used effectively. Using a concealment strategy, the tribute can avoid confrontation with other tributes and therefore avoid fighting and potential death. Using this strategy, a tribute can often last very far in the games.

However this strategy also carries quite a lot of weaknesses. Should the concealment fail to be effective, the tribute is forced into combat, and often, a tribute using concealment does not wield a weapon. Another weakness is the Capitol audience. The audience may get bored of the tribute's constant hiding, and therefore not wish to them as a victor, and then they would not gain sponsors. Therefore, the Gamemakers may force a tribute using concealment into battle.

In Catching Fire, when Katniss and Peeta are learning about the other tributes, Haymitch says that the morphlings won their games by hiding until all the other tributes were killed.

People who have used concealment

  • Peeta
  • The morphlings

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