The Battle of District 2 is a battle that took place between district rebels supported by District 13 and Capitol forces for the control of District 2 during the second rebellion in Mockingjay. It was led by Katniss Everdeen and Lyme. It began when the working-class stonemasons of the district rebelled against the Capitol. Unlike the other districts, there was mixed support for the uprising, due to the better standards of living experienced in District 2 under the Capitol's rule. Nevertheless, the rebels, led by Lyme, managed to capture the outer villages. However, the town center was divided and the Nut, the mountain that formed the Capitol's main military installation, remained under Peacekeeper control.

District 2 was divided for several weeks, even after the arrival of Katniss and District 13's soldiers. Two weeks after their arrival, a military conference came up with a solution formed by Gale Hawthorne: Destroy the Nut by bombing the avalanche-prone mountain, causing the mountain to collapse. The plan proceeded, and the Nut's survivors fled to the city center, where the rebels (who launched a major offensive and captured it) were waiting for them. Katniss made an impromptu speech to the Nut personnel, ending when an unknown man shot her from inside the crowd. She survived, but she lost her spleen and her ribs were badly bruised, leaving her out of action for a month. Meanwhile, the Nut's personnel turned on the Peacekeepers, wiping them out and taking the district.






  • The Capitol soldier who shot Katniss - Shot by rebels